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Pharmaceutical Logistics

Pharmaceutical Logistics

SAMIN ENG Air Balance

enables you to safely and easily lift products requiring extra caution.
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Harmful ingredients are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
In many pharmaceutical processes, a variety of powders and liquid ingredients are carried in and out in boxes or sacks, requiring additional attention to safety.
The SAMIN ENG Flex Lift enables you to easily and safely lift products requiring extra caution that are difficult to carry manually.

Clean room operations account for a large portion of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
The SAMIN ENG make specially ordered products for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.
The Flex Lift enhances productivity and efficiency by providing a system that minimizes noise and contamination in the clean room.

Anyone can easily use the Flex Lift SAV, regardless of gender or age. It is intuitive and easy to control, not requiring any additional training.
You can easily lift heavy objects, regardless of age, and stack them accurately in the location you want.

The Flex Lift SAV is perfectly compatible with all industrial sites.
The system will be installed in the most suitable way for the working environment. Although it is a manual system, you may connect the system to a hand cart or a forklift.
The embedded battery enables you to use the product in places with no electricity or compressed air available.

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