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considers its customer's values its top priority, and is working to make future technology and innovative value a reality.
We appreciate your support and interest in SAMIN ENG
SAMIN ENG grows along with its customers by doing its best to meet customer needs and satisfaction and developing innovative products.
With the catchphrase of “leading the future with creativity"
SAMIN ENG puts forth the effort to enhance the quality of its products, including different types of air balances and preparing for the future through investment in technology development.
In addition, we develop new products based on original ideas, focusing on enhancing our customers' business productivity and competitiveness.
In addition, we are working on various patents and quality certifications. We are making efforts to expand our market by increasing our share in the domestic market, conducting different marketing campaigns for export, and developing new products.
SAMIN ENG continues to grow and develop along with its customers.
- CEO Choi Gil-woong