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Plate Glass Loading Stand

Plate Glass Loading Stand

SAMIN ENG Plate Glass Loading Stand

The automatic loading station
makes the best use of the space for loading different types of panels, such as glass plates, stones, plywood, MDFs, and MCs.
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Product features

You can utilize the space efficiently by loading a variety of products such as discs, plywood, steel plates, stones, glass plates, and parts. You can expand the station quickly. An individual switch is installed on each station for your convenience. Its direct cylinder connection supports individual operations. Expanded operation is available in any location without returning to the starting point. Each station can hold up to 1–5 tons. Installation takes only 4–6 hours.

Product Spec

MODEL Allowable weight (kg) Dimension Example of load
Stack length Product height Product width Width
SJ-430 5000 430 2283 1955 75 197 × 303 cm: 2 packs loadable
SJ-365 5000 365 2283 1955 75 197 × 303 cm: 2 packs loadable
(customized order)
3500 250 2283 1955 75 At least 197 cm in width: 1 pack loadable

Installation Example

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