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SAMIN ENG Air Balance

Air Balance
Flex Lift

boast a wide range of applications, which improves the work processes of food companies.
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SAMIN ENG Air Balance and Flex Lift boasts its high level of use, which improves the work processes of food companies.
You can apply different tools such as suction or clamping to our vacuum transport equipment, taking the characteristics of product packing into consideration. Install different attachments to the system depending on the type of products.
Our product can meet the complicated requirements of the food industry, sensitive to the risks and contamination by impurities. The product is generally installed in the clean room. It is installed with a Light Rail, enabling accurate and swift movement of up to 500kg objects.

Everyone can easily use the Flex Lift SAV, regardless of gender or age. It is intuitive and easy to control, not requiring any additional training.
You can easily lift heavy objects, regardless of age, and stack them accurately in a location you want.

Flex Lift SAV is perfectly compatible with all industrial sites.
The system will be installed in the most suitable way for the working environment. Although it is a manual system, you may connect the system to a hand cart or a forklift.
The embedded battery enables you to use the product in places with no electricity or compressed air available.

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